Since my last post, I have been tremendously busy working on content for BOA Broadcast’s first magazine show, ‘Friday @ Two’.

After finishing off ‘Sack Sales on New Street’, I filmed a cooking show with Jake. We tried to steer away from the usual presenter led programmes and concentrate more on the visuals. I am really proud of the finished product so please, check it out!

The final VT I worked on was a feature on the Clothes show. With our press passes we were able to get into restricted areas and get interviews with designers, organisers and models. For me, the highlight of the experience was having to fight our way to the front of the press pit at the end of the fashion theatre catwalk.

Here’s the final product…

The filming of ‘Friday @ Two’ went smoothly. It was a very collaborative effort, we chose two students from the acting pathway to present after the auditions and they were absolutely fabulous. The rest of the crew worked well together and despite a few hiccups along the way, I think we pulled through it.

I am looking forward to working on the next episode of ‘Friday @ Two’ and using everything we learnt to make February’s show even better than our Christmas special.


The Balcony Sessions…

This is the first acoustic session I filmed on location with fellow BOA student Matt Sheehan. It was a massive learning curve for me in terms of filming an artist without a crew behind me. The weather made it so much harder, as it made lighting an issue and we had to avoid the equipment and instruments getting wet. It took me a while to sort out the sound because we were filming on a balcony. Which meant we had lots of background noise from the city streets below. We overcame this by plugging the microphone and Matt’s guitar directly into the external microphone (Zoom H4n) and recording as a 4 Channel track. The video was shot on my new Canon 550D with an 18-55mm lens.

I’d like to thank Matt for his patience with me and it was a pleasure to work with somebody as talented as he is.

Check out the video.. any feedback is welcome.

Good Luck Athletes!

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My friend Anna is performing at the olympics and she was required to produce a short piece introducing herself and where she has come from to show to the olympic athletes. So today I spent some time with her filming in central Birmingham and at college to produce this short piece. It was good to try out my new camera and get some practice filming on location without other students there  as crew.

Shooting in the lovely summer weather was really fun and the footage is looking good!!

Contrast: ‘If you don’t know Predz…’

Yesterday we filmed Contrast for our ad campaign, here’s a sneak preview of what is to come. 
We asked him to come up with a rhyme promoting Preditah and I’m in the process of editing the advert now, it’s looking good!

Birmingham City Football Club.

BOA TV are currently been making a promotional video for Birmingham City Football Club, we’ve been profiling the players and producing indents for their annual awards ceremony. So BOA TV’s production team went to St Andrews to film the cup youth final. Despite it being very cold and the team experiencing a number of injuries, we were able to get some great shots to use in the promo video. Not long now until it will be shown at the event whilst the players accept their awards.

Good News…

I received an email today saying that I have been accepted to attend FirstLight’s Documentary training in Birmingham.  I’m so excited!

In other news, my DSLR (Canon 550D EOS with a 18-55mm lens) has arrived. Which means as soon as my exams are over I can really commit to producing some videos and improving my operating skills.

Question Time

Yesterday was a busy day for the whole of the Birmingham Ormiston Academy. We ran a Question Time Style show for our weekly futures course. The brief we were given was to challenge our fellow students, making them consider a range of options for their future. To do this we had a panel of special guests including Suzy Scott, (Head of HR at PRG), Lara Ratnaraja FRSA (Consultant for creative, cultural and digital industries), David Harte (Leader for MA Social Media at BCU), Tas Bashir (Filmmaker, Designer, Architect and Writer), Alex McCorkindale (Producer of Learning and Participation at MAC) and last but by no means least Matt Windle (Performance Poet who now dabbles in music). Our Panel of Guests was chaired by BBC WM’s Radio reporter, Phil Upton.

Some of the students had the chance to ask the panel questions they submitted prior to the event and the answer given provides us all with alot of food for thought.

The production went pretty smoothly, Production Arts Students managed staging and lighting, Music Tech. Students were in charge of sound and a group of Broadcast Students were responsible for filming the event. As production manager my role was to assist in the coordination of the event and the production team in charge of documenting the show.

Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope the students learnt something valuable from the event.