Reflection of Year 12

During Year 12 I feel I learnt an extraordinary amount. I went from having next to no experience using professional video equipment to confidently knowing my way around a number of different cameras and sound recording devices.  I also learnt how to work as a team on production and have the confidence to give directions and divvy out work.At the start of the year, whilst working on the Science of Beauty brief, I struggled to cope under the stress of the productions but I now feel unfazed by the pressure.

When I joined the college I had dreams of being a film director but I was surprised to find this beginning to change. Although I really enjoyed being the director of the single camera drama, I felt my skills were more suited to the producer role. I think the reason for this is that I wasn’t 100% clear of what the producer did in the film making process. In futures sessions we discussed this is depth and I now can see myself in the role of the producer.

Working with clients was a new experience for me and it taught me a lot of lessons about diplomacy and what we can realistically achieve. Producing the short video about Maverick TV as part of the understanding the creative media sector unit was a great insight  as to how television companies run and incorporate new media to their business. I had the privilege of working as production manager for BOA’s Question Time. It meant I had to sit in, on meetings with Phil Upton, Mr Dodzo and Miss Hannah. Which was helpful because it was a chance for me to see how the format of a programme is arranged.

I enjoyed producing an ad campaign for up and coming grime artist, Preditah. It was a new experience for me to immerse myself into the world of grime music. In this project we also had the change to collaborate with Contrast and Pressurize. One of my favourite things about filming is the collaboration of different people with a range of different skills.

Working with BOA TV has been great and I am incredibly pleased I took the chance to apply because it has provided me with some fantastic opportunities. One of which was being selected to work on not one, but two music videos with Get On The Radio’s Hayley and Rebecca. On set I saw how professional video producers go about their work. Seeing multi-location as well as single location sets was great too.

One of my most treasured opportunities from the first year was the Doc Lab I did with First Light. I was already very interested in documentary filmmaking but being surrounded with likeminded individuals, all coming together to analyse existing films and discuss making future films was amazing. We had the chance to meet filmmaker, Emily James who made ‘Just Do It’. This was very inspiring because it opened my eyes to the difference a film can make to important causes. I have also got a mentoring opportunity from this short course which I am very excited to start.

I feel a bit disappointed with a few things from last year. I feel the quality of the music video we produced was not as high as I could make now. The fact our Single Camera Drama remains unfinished is plaguing me right now. I would definitely like to use my spare time to get this finished.

Opportunities, I have missed this year.. I would like to think I haven’t let too many opportunities slide but due to commitments with my additional subjects, time management has been a little difficult. I would have liked to utilise the great facilities here at BOA a little more. This year I hope to make up for that with more productions with BOA tv as well as on the side.

This year, I would like to get my UCAS forms sorted and secure myself a place at uni (hopefully at my first choice -King’s) . I want to expand my showreel further and work on more music videos. I hope to satisfy the client we work with to produce a great piece for my FMP. My final goal will be to enjoy myself on the course as much as I did last year.


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