3rd October

Teams in Radio Stations Although the breakfast show and the drive time show are important, all of the team members have a job. The presenters working in the mid morning/afternoon have to work really hard to keep the listeners tuned in and listening to them. The breakfast show needs to be the highest peak of the day, so that the numbers don’t reach rock bottom later on in the day. The BBC is a public funded organisation fee so it doesn’t have to spend profit and marketing on advertising for the station etc. The money cannot be seen to be spent on advertising and billboards! It needs to be spent on the actual programming of the show. 

Breakdown News Beat  Over a bed of music – top story, menu and trails

  • Headline 5 – Copy (pre-recorded script)
  • Audio – speech from
  • Justin-Lee Collins Copy
  • Facebook plug
  • and 4g story
  • Sports news -champions league
  • Muse music
  • Story about bassist
  • Interview
  • Jingle
  • Top story (1minute 30) April Jones (WALES) – copy
  • Reporter piece including audio.
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • Justin Lee Collins Story (2 minutes)
  • Warning – strong language (in case children are in car/listening)
  • ‘Live’ from the court room, reporter piece
  • Language ‘Poke on Facebook’ <- Target audience will know/have Facebook
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • Abu Hansa Story
  • A single line of copy
  • Jimmy Saville  – ex Radio 1 presenter
  • Copy
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • Muse Item Trail
  • Website plug – twitter
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • ‘Name that Polititian’ audio
  • Ed Milliband Preview (2 minutes)
  • ‘Russell Howard’ reference
  • Jeremy Forrest (1 min 30)
  • Copy
  • reporter piece
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • 4G mobile phone story (2 minutes)
  • reporter and interview
  • Entertainment news
  • Adele – Sky Fall leak
  • website trail
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • Sport – copy (1 minute 30)
  • Manager of scotland (keep it national) , Fergie interviews
  • Radio 1 Jingle
  • Muse Item  (2 minutes)
  • Muse Music Mix
  • Interview
  • Website trail
  • Headlines copy
  • Weather copy
  • Radio 1 Jingle

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