Wednesday 26th September: 

Between now and Christmas we will be focusing on news production for Radio aswell as a Music based show.

We need to understand the different types of news broadcast.

Difference between bulletin and headlines. Bulletin

News by convention is done at the top (o’clock) and the bottom (half past)  of the hour so this means. This varies between stations. News at the top of the hour may be more detailed than those at the bottom.

Nick Grimmshaw – Katie said ‘he has a more universal appeal and will bring in a younger audience.’  Emma said ‘she does not like Nick, she has seen him on TV and heard his other shows and his style isn’t for her.’ Phil said ‘Nick’s TV career is a direct result of his radio career. He knows what TV will bring to his career but his heart is in radio and that will always be what he wants to do. Chris Moyles had an older target audience – 25-44 year olds but the BBC wanted their target audience to be younger 15-24 years old. Nick plays more music now that Chris Moyles has left. They are repositioning the brand by having a new presenter. It is Nick’s job to reach the 15-24 audience. 5 live’s target audience set by the BBC is 35-45 year old males.’

We compared and contrasted the way two national stations, Radio 1 and 5 Live, are different at the top of the hour because it is a pivotal point of the show. Nick finishes his show with a ‘two-way’* handover to Fearne Cotton, so the transition is more smooth. This to blend Fearne Cotton into his show and urge listeners not to turn off.  Whereas 5 Live had Nicky Campbell speaking to a caller, then Victoria Derbyshire lists her ‘menu’ for the programme, illustrated with audio clips. A little bit about weather and then the news.

10:30 bulletin on Radio 1: (just short of 4 minutes) 

  • Radio Identity (station name is everything)
  • Jingle
  • One line headline
  • Jingle
  • Lowering the drink drive limit in Scotland – bed in the background throughout the news. Good for target audience because they will be drinkers and drivers. Trying to appeal to Scottish listeners too! 
  • Audio Clip – of a scottish police officer. 
  • Call out for interactivity – plugged the text number ‘81199’
  • Jingle – station identity again & to separate the stories 
  • Next story about missing school girl.
  • Bomb story from Ireland
  • Interview clip
  • Mention of heavy rain
  • Website trail – Lady Gaga photos
  • Pass over to entertainment reporter clip
  • Premiere league news
  • Outro ‘This is newsbeat – more at 11:30’
  • Jingle
  • Track

They have stories from around the whole UK to prove they are a national station and the news was fast paced not to loose the attention of their young listeners! The news is generated by the BBC news rooms. Living up to their news reputation of good news givers.

*Two way is when there are two people on the microphone.

11:00 Bulletin Capital FM (1min / 1min 30)

  • Missing girl – copy only very brief, almost a headline
  • 2nd story – copy only 
  • Showbiz news – Katy Perry = billboard woman of the year copy
  • Jingle
  • Weather – very fast
  • Website plug
  • More from us at 11:30
  • Jingle
  • Track

BBC has more of a reputation for giving out news (primarily a news organisation), capital does not have this same reputation. Capital FM don’t take the news as seriously or give it as much importance in the show.

11:00 Bulletin BBC WM (4 or 5 minutes) 

  • Jingle
  • Summary of next hour
  • Throws to ‘news with Kevin Pashby’
  • WM fire service is ‘too white and too male, 85% service’ copy
  •  Clip – interview with a woman
  • Pension cuts story
  • vox pop
  • Student money worries story
  • vox pop
  • Flood damage story
  • Liberal Democrat story
  • Clip
  • Hippodrome new stage
  • Interview
  • ‘Taking a look at..’
  • Weather – more formal than Capital
  • Outro
  • Radio Ident.
  • Throw forward to website
  • Jingle

The News Bulletin from BBC WM was clearly more detailed as it included a lot more stories. The difference between them is Capital is far less formal than WM is. Capital’s target audience is set much younger than BBC WM’s. The stories included by Capital were set to appeal to their 18-24 audience likewise WM’s stories appealed to the 45-64 year old listeners. The Capital bulletin wasn’t really focus on local news, despite the fact it is a radio station. BBC WM however broadcasts news relevant to the area.

12:00 BBC Radio 4 Bulletin. (4 minutes)

  • A continuity announcer.
  • ‘The BBC news’ – no jingle, no ident
  • Phone hacking
  • Nick Clegg and Lib dems
  • Simon Hughes Recording
  • Environmental agency warn about flooding
  • Clip about flooding
  • Planning Permission
  • Prisoner escaped in Scotland
  • South African Politician
  • External Source
  • JK Rowling
  • ‘BBC NEWS’

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