Maverick Video

Proposal: Maverick – Understanding the Creative Media Sector Video

Aim: To create a video informing others about how Maverick Television is run and how the company fits into the creative media sector.

Target Audience: Other students studying media.

Skills I will develop: I wish to develop my understanding of the company whilst improving my editing, interview and production skills.

Initial Ideas: Due to time constraints, I envisage the video being very simple. Structured around employees of Maverick and breaking up the interviews with cut aways from around the building, their showreel and their websites.

Research: I researched the history of the company, the productions it has made and the key figures of Maverick.

Content: I hope to cover a range of topics in the video, including: the background of the company, the services on offer, how the company has had to adapt to changes in the industry, how the company is run, the content it produces, routes into the industry and any advice for people with hopes to join the industry.


Media Form and Resources: Film using BOA’s JVC camera then edit the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro. Then the project will be exported as an .MPEG to be loaded onto Youtube / Vimeo.

Time Scale: December 2011 – January 2011 for Pre-Production.


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