Nylon & Vice

Nylon is by far my favourite magazine. Nylon was co-founded by Marvin Scott Jarrett and Jaclynn Jarret when they formed Pop Media, along with Mark Blackwell and supermodel Helena Christensen, who was the creative director. It’s first ever issue was published on 6th April 1999.

  In 2006, Nylon and MySpace collaborated to produce their first international music issue and it was available online freely. By 2007 it was available onine in digital form, free viewing was available.

Nylon is all about art, beauty, music, technology, design, celebrities and travel.

Aswell as a magazine for girls, Nylon also publishes a magazine for men. Nylon Guys was published for the first time in 2004. It has also published three books, Street- a book about global street style, Pretty – a book about beauty (which was listed on New York Public Library’s best Books for the Teen age in 2008) and Play – a book about music.

In 2009, Nylon Records was founded and it signed it’s first act, which was a French female pop group called the Plastiscines after they were seen on the cover of french magazine Citizen K. It also has an iPhone application, called MinOnline which is an iPhone magazine’ In 2010, the September’s issue was released as an iPad app, that included videos, music and exclusive content.

In my opinion, Nylon is a perfect example of integration. 

Nylon also has it’s own youtube channel, on which it posts videos it has produced with interviews with the latest style, celebrities, music and technology. It also contains exclusive footage from Nylon events. NylonTv has had over 1.75million views and has 57,115 subscribers.

Vice Magazine is now regarded as a global youth bible. Vice magazine was originally launched as the Voice of Montreal in 1994, the government provided funding for it and it had a community service. The editors wanted to break free from the control of the original publisher, so they bought him out and changed the name of the magazine to Vice in 1996. In 1999, they moved to New York City to get more street wear advertising income. Now the magazine has over 900,000 readers across 22 different countries. The magazine focuses on popular culture and independent arts, it also provides an edgy view and spirit of blithe on matters covering more serious news topics.

The magazine also has various other ventures. Much like Nylon, it has published a couple of books. including The DOs and DON’Ts book and The Vice Guide and in 2008 a book was released which contained all the most powerful photography from older issues of the magazine called The Vice Photo Book.

VBS.tv  is an online television network which is owned by the Vice media conglomerate, it produces original, documentary-style videos, covering various topics including music, travel guides, extreme sports, popular culture, news and humanitarian issues. The site also has produced current affairs-based and special-interest shows. The creative director of the network is…wait for it…SPIKE JONZE!!  VBS.tv was founded in March 2007 and MTV funded the foundation of it and Vice magazine would provide the content. MTV had the rights to the distribution of VBS content across the network of channels worldwide. Online circulation has reached over 2.5 million hits in 2008 and some of it’s content has appeared in CNN.

Vice has also made a retail clothing chain called Vice Retail, it works closely with American Apparel, who frequently appears in the Magazine.

Vice Recordings has a number of popular artists signed to it, who have released albums and singles, primarily in the U.S market including:

  • Bloc Party
  • The Streets
  • The Black Lips
  • F***ed up
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Chromeo
  • The Stills

The magazine has it’s fingers in many pies, including venue management. Vice also runs a pub/ music venue in  Shoreditch,East London called The Old Blue Last


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