i-D was founded in 1980 by designer and former Vouge art director Terry Jones. It’s a British magazine known for it’s avant-garde photography and typography as well as nurturing developing/fresh talent over the years. It boasts many fascinating articles and some iconic images. The mag covers a range of topics including fashion, music, art and Youth culture. It pioneered the style street style photography that has become increasingly popular recently in a segment they called ‘The Straight Up’ (LOOK INTO THIS FURTHER).

In the usual quirky nature of a magazine’s first issue, the first ever i-D magazine was produced on a typewriter and was distributed in the form of a hand-stapled fanzine. However the magazine no longer takes the DIY approach and over time it has evolved into the more mature glossy mag we see on the shelves today but still featuring it’s street style in every issue and is centred around youth culture.

Why is the magazine called i-D? It doesn’t stand for anything, infact it’s more of a clever typographic logo, when tipped on it’s side i-D depicts a winking face and has a almost a trade mark the magazine often features their cover model’s winking or with one eye covered 

i-D has also published a number of books and has held many exhibitions. Many of which were focusing on identity using film, sound and smell .

They also have a channel called i-D tv, which features content produced by the digital team from the magazine. It’s mainly behind the scenes footage, skate footage, acoustic sessions, make up/hair tutorials and interviews with music artists, stylists, writers and film makers aimed at the same audience as the magazine, teenagers and the young at heart. 


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