24th – 28th September

  • This week I worked on the research and budget for my FMP, I also had a masterclass in Avid editing.
  • On the Friday we did some analysis of existing corporate and promotional videos and groups and gave a presentation to the class with our findings.

1st-5th October

  • I continued research for the FMP looking at other corporate videos, looking at the chamber of commerce website, wikipedia and news stories / segments about the chamber. Familiarising myself with what the role of the chamber is and how they help businesses.
  • On the Friday we received the brief from the client. They explained the different organisations within the chamber and from them we had to select one to make a corporate video about. We were also told about a special task offered to students.
  • Over the weekend I did some further research, creating a questionnaire on Google Docs asking questions about the chamber, Bric (the organisation I ended up choosing). I posted the link to the questionnaire on Facebook and on group pages.

8th – 12th October 

  • To decide which organisation within the Chamber I would choose, I created a mind map online using From this process I chose BRIC-ITT
  • I did some more BRIC focused research, looking at the e-learning suite, watching some of the videos BOA TV made for them before and trying out their interactive business game. It game me a better insight to what the organisation offer to SMEs and their style etc.
  • I continued trying to get people to complete the survey.
  • On the Friday I looked at what other Chambers worldwide had to promote their services and raise awareness.

15th – 19th October

  • On Monday I visited the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to get some more leaflets about the organisations. Although they didn’t have any BRIC-ITT specific information there was a lot more information available about what the chamber offers to its members and events they have coming up.
  • On Tuesday I finished the budget. Adjusting and balancing the numbers to get to bang on the £10,000 budget. I also continued to send my questionnaire around.
  • On Wednesday I emailed my documentary filmmaker mentor to schedule a meeting on Monday in which we hopefully will discuss ways I could make my production to a higher quality/standard
  • On Thursday I began to think about ideas and how I will structure the video. I thought I would do it in a similar format to the maverick video. With interviews, cut aways and a little bit of voice over. To make it more visually interesting I have thought about using graphics/titles.
  • On Friday I worked on my proposal again, deciding who I wanted to work with and assigning them roles in my production crew. I also checked the budget once more and logged everything I did over the week. I also made an ‘action plan’ for the half term next week. This involves completing the proposal and writing up the ideas I have for the FMP.

22nd-26th October

  • On Monday I had a meeting with First Light to discuss the boundaries of my mentorship. This means I will be able to discuss how to make my corporate video as polished and professional as possible.
  • On Tuesday, I sent my questionnaire around, so that 50 people now have completed it.
  • On Thursday I sorted out all the paperwork, printing everything out and filing it etc.

29th-2nd November

  • On Tuesday I started putting my findings from my research in a table ready to make into graphs, charts etc. To present to the client.
  • On Wednesday I added to my proposal
  • On Thursday I  arranged to interview a business man to ask him about his involvement with international trade and if he currently trades with any emerging markets.

5th-9th November

  • On Monday, I worked on my proposal.
  • On Tuesday, I began to create the powerpoint presentation to accompany my pitch.
  • On Wednesday – BROADCAST TRIP
  • On Thursday, worked to tie up several loose ends.

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