Case Study: Diablo Cody

Juno, Jennifer’s body and Young Adult, what do all these films have in common?

Their fantastic screenwriter, Diablo Cody. 

Cody’s path into the industry had a strange start. Her journalistic feat was a blog about she wrote during her year working as a Stripper. The blog was a success because of her frank and sarcastic voice and was soon asked to write for weekly newspapers. In 2006, she published her memoir called Candy Girl and secured a contract with Gotham Books.  She also writes a column for Entertainment Weekly. After she finished her book, her manager advised Cody to start writing her first screen play and a few months later, she had finished Juno. 

Diablo Cody is also the Creator, Writer and Executive Producer of the united States of Tara which is a Dreamworks television series.  She has a new film coming out in 2013 called ‘The Evil Dead’ a remake of the 1980s Horror.

What I love about Diablo Cody is that she shows that there are so many different routes into the industry. Obviously, I don’t intend to follow exactly in her footsteps but she has a strong voice and puts herself into less than comfortable situations giving her interesting experiences to write. It is because of this that she became noticed. She was able to build up a following and her cult films are hugely popular.


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